Get Branch Automation with Bamboo

Hello, We're trying to automate the creation of packages and the deployment of those using Atlassian Bamboo and the Mendix Deploy API. The automation was working fine until we had to create branches and not use trunk. We are using a method like this in a powershell script called by Bamboo: irm -Headers $headers$appName/branches/$branchName where $branchName was "trunk" before, but now is "branches/development" And that's the problem, when we use that slash symbol, Bamboo doesn't understand. We have tried to HTML escape the character and use "branches%2Fdevelopment", but Bamboo's web based powershell ignores the HTML escaping and finally transforms it into "branches/development" As the use of that slash is quite conflicting, is there a possibility that in your API you also accept other type of character, like "branches_development", or that when you use "branches/development", the API knows what I'm talking about and returns the information of that branch? Or that I can remove one of the "branches", and when I say "branches/trunk" or "branches/development" (instead of "branches/branches/development"), it is understood?  
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If you look at the Team server or SVN repository for the Mendix apps it looks like below

Which is the standard implementation of any SVN project. 

I am not sure why the trunk is within branches. May be you are organizing it like that, you must probably change your bamboo code. 

From what ever I understood, if you do it like this, you might have two branches at the end and project codebase could not found.


Alternatively, what we did was:

  • We had two apps
  • 1 app has to be deployed to like 40+ instances
  • The other app takes care of deployment
    • Where we developed nice functionality with Mendix deploy API
    • With that, we were able to deploy packages to selected instances