Challenges facing to deploy application built on Mendix 7.5.1

Hi, I want to start working on an application on Modeler version 7.5.1. I read in the Release documents that I need to install Service Console 4.5 and the jdk version should be 1.8. My Service console where I am going to deploy the application is a shared Service console (4.3 version) where other applications are already deployed which are built on Modeler version 6.10.7 and the jdk version used for those applications is 1.7 Is it possible that I deploy my project after building it on 7.5.1 on same service console (4.3 version) using jdk 1.7. If not, is it possible that i will upgrade the Service console to 4.5 and deploy older applications with jdk 1.7 and new application with jdk 1.8 (meaning 2 different application with 2 different jdk versions on same service console). Please suggest if i can use any other option. Changing jdk version of older projects is difficult and hence can't upgrade all older applications to jdk 1.8 version
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Apps built on Mendix 6.10.7 already have to run on JDK 1.8, so in that case there is no difference with Mendix 7.

However, to run Mendix 7 apps, you need Service Console 4.5. You can safely install this version of the Mendix Service Console. Mendix Service Console 4.5 is able to manage concurrently different Mendix apps from Mendix 3 to 7 with JDK 6, 7 or 8 at the same time on the same server. Per app, you can configure which JDK to use.