Import client certificate using Mendix Service Console

  Hi there, I consume a Rest service which needs client certificate. (saw this post ) In my local enviroment, I imported the certificate from 'project settings > Certificates' and it works fine. But I cannot find a import function of certificates in Mendix Service Console. So I tried to import with custom settings. - ClientCertificates  I set like this : 'C:/Users/project/ApplicationCA2.cer'. - ClientCertificatePasswords  The client certificate has no password. but I have to set 'ClienCertificatePasswords'.  So I set blank to the 'ClienCertificatePasswords'. When I do Run locally, following error occurs, Use DER encoded binary X.509(.CER) or Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard(.P7B) com.mendix.m2ee.api.AdminException: Starting Mendix Runtime failed. at com.mendix.basis.impl.MxRuntimeImpl.fireZeeMissile( Caused by: DER input, Integer tag error at at at at com.mendix.basis.conf.CertificateProcessor.setClientCertificates( at com.mendix.basis.conf.CertificateProcessor.readCertificates( at com.mendix.basis.impl.MxRuntimeImpl.readConfiguredCertificates( at com.mendix.basis.impl.MxRuntimeImpl.fireZeeMissile( ... Use Base 64 4ncorded X.509(.CER) com.mendix.m2ee.api.AdminException: Starting Mendix Runtime failed.     at com.mendix.basis.impl.MxRuntimeImpl.fireZeeMissile( Caused by: toDerInputStream rejects tag type 45     at     at     at     at com.mendix.basis.conf.CertificateProcessor.setClientCertificates(     at com.mendix.basis.conf.CertificateProcessor.readCertificates(     at com.mendix.basis.impl.MxRuntimeImpl.readConfiguredCertificates(     at com.mendix.basis.impl.MxRuntimeImpl.fireZeeMissile( ...     Does Anyone have any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance! Satomi
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Did you see this forum post: I am no expert with on premise installations but I think it will largely depend on which server you did the installation and how to get the certificates on that server.