Client memory (leak) issues when opening/closing pages

One of our clients experiences the following problem. When opening an edit page and cancelling/closing it again, after a repetition of approx. 20 to 25 times the browser becomes unresponsive. This behaviour is reproducible. The page we tested this on has a dataview on an entity that has 60+ attributes and has 14+ references to other entities (1 reference set) and 14 references from other entities (5 reference sets). I tested this page including and excluding detail datagrids and referencesets  for references from other (child) entities. The result stays the same. This seems to be a client issue because when I close and restart de browser the problem is gone until the next 20 to 25 repetitions Has anyone experienced simular problems? And more important, does anyone have a solutions or workaround for this problem?
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That is very interesting topic. Could you share the test project ?