Is it possible to create a hybrid application for an on premise application?

All the documentation that I have seen about producing hybrid applications seems to assume that the application is hosted in the Mendix cloud.  My query is to ask if it is possible to produce a hybrid and offline app that points to an on premise hosted mendix application, and if so is there any documentation about how to proceed?   Edit:  This seems to work quite easily so far.  The only gotcha is to make sure you edit and upload the correct file - not the parent one downloaded from Mendix - unzip that and edit and upload the file in the dist folder  
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Hi David,

I am working on an offline app for on premise hosted Mendix application too. Just download the by choosing build yourself in the cloud portal.

You will have to customize the url in the json config file.


Make sure the on premise app server can be reached from the internet. Also make sure it has an officially signed SSL certificate issued by a recognized certificate authority. I am no network admin so I have no more specific details about this.


Also research the app deployment options: Public appstore, company private, bulk sale of the app.