life cycle of mendix application

  Can anyone describe me life cycle of mendix application.    Regards Vikram
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This fully depends how the team uses the features of the Mendix platform.

Mendix facilitates a lot out of the box features, like requirement gathering, app development  collaboration server, cloud deployment and access administration to development and deployment.

But it's up to the team how to use it. For example; 

  1. Skip the requirement gathering of put it in Jira (or another external tool).
  2. Grant everyone team server access (development)
  3. Grant everyone cloud deployment access (run/deployment)

I guess 2 & 3 won't be a smart approach, but possible. 

So the team must have processes/procedures in place how to use the features of Mendix.

Regarding the use of the teamserver; same applies when using SVN or Git for code development. processes/procedures must be in place.