How to insert checkbox inside grid

How to insert checkbox inside grid. depending on checkbox selection i want to delete record. How to do that. PS: It should be done through checkbox only, not by multi select.     Thanks in advance Regards Vikram
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You cannot do this in a Datagrid.  You could make the column in the Datagrid editable, but for a boolean attribute, this will be Yes/No, not a checkbox.

I think the best way to accomplish this is to use a Templategrid or Listview and use styling to get the look and feel of a Datagrid.



Hi Vikram,

Within the Mendix community, we try to be as helpful as possible, but we want you to search a bit around for yourself too before asking questions. Try some things first, then ask questions afterwards.

Please try to search for the App Store, Mendix docs etc first before asking questions that can easily be answered.

For example:

1. Go the App Store in your Mendix Modeler:

2. Type in 'Checkbox' in the Search bar:

3. Try out a few of the results by clicking on the name of a result, which will display more information about the widget/App Store item. This example shows the details for the Checkbox set selector:

4. You can also take a look at screenshots or read the documentation to see whether it fits your needs:

5. Work from there to build a data structure/microflow that would suit your needs.

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Hi,everyone, I use the Checkbox set selector(table),

Why can't I directly use entity instead of association?  I put the check box in listview, but listview must have data to use. Moreover, if listview has multiple records, there will be multiple tables.

Can anyone give me some suggestions?