Kubernetes how to set your environment settings, constants, scheduled events?

According to the documentation at https://docs.mendix.com/deployment/docker/run-mendix-on-kubernetes I can't figure out where to set your environment specific constants, enable/disable scheduled events etc. Is there somebody with best practices for this (for example consul or configmaps?). let me know :)
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Hi Pim,

Regarding constants and schedule events there is no example in the documentation you pointed to. However, the documentation of the Mendix Docker buildpack explains how to set them in a docker container. You only have to respect the convention, e.g. MX_, and define the variables as any other in the Kubernetes yaml file.

There is no best practises guide at this moment, but Configmaps can be a valid approach when you need to configure a set of pods with a specific environment variable collection. We will take into consideration your feedback to improve the documentation in that regard.

I hope this information is useful.