How can I create a MDA package locally?

Is there any way to use the Mendix API or SDK to download the code from Team Server and run a build process that creates the MDA locally? I know I can trigger a build process in the cloud and then downloaded the package, but I want to do it locally, download the code and build it locally (in a automated way). Thanks
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Another option to build your MDA is a windows command line tool (MxBuild.exe) that can be used to build the MDA from a mpr in a specific folder.

For details go to the modeler folder C:\Program Files\ Mendix\Mendix 7.x.y\modeler. 

There you can find the MxBuild.exe file for details please run this exe on the command line via

mxbuild.exe --help

Maybe you could combine this with

  1. The Team Server API (link), or
  2. the command-line Subversion update command to get the latest App model version from the Team Server to a local folder

There is a 'Build API'

You could chain a 'Create Package' and a 'Download Package' maybe?


See documentation here:



Or you just hit F7 (or Project --> Create deployment package) in your modeller.

This created a local MDA file in your project folder \ releases.

You can select either versioned or unversioned:

  • Versioned: Based on a fresh download from SVN, creates a tagged version in SVN, built locally
  • Unversioned: Uses your local project, also built locally

For as far as I know even the SDK works with a cloud hosted version of your application. You can create a package in the modeler, but this also uses the SVN server in it's process.