m2ee and syslog-ng or rsyslog

I'm trying to get m2ee to work with syslog-ng or rsyslog on Debian stretch. While the "full-documented-m2ee.yaml" file discusses the syslog configuration, as far as I can tell there might be some differences between syslog and syslog-ng or rsyslog. Furthermore, there's no discussion of any configuration required on the syslog side of things. Below is the info in the full-documented-m2ee.yaml file:   logging: - # Example of Syslog Subscriber configuration. Using syslog is the recommended # logging method on *nix. Standard available tools like logrotate can be used # to rotate/compress logs. As a bonus, logs will be tamper-resistant because # they can be written to a place where the application user does not have # write permissions. type: syslog # Some unique name which will be used to refer to this log subscriber when # setting log levels. name: SysLogSubscriber # If autosubscribe is set, this log subscriber will subscribe to messages on # all new log nodes published having the specified log level or higher # severity. Effectively this means that if you don't set it, you won't ever # see no log message. :-) Available log levels are: NONE, CRITICAL, ERROR, # WARNING, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE autosubscribe: INFO # Well-known syslog specific parameters: host: localhost port: 514 facility: LOCAL6 prefix: example   As I'm doing this on Azure, I got the Mendix Pro VM image from the marketplace, hoping that would have a syslog rather than file logging configuration. Unfortunately the sample .yaml file is configured for file logging. Does any one have a sample .yaml file logging configuration and syslog-ng or rsyslog configuration they wouldn't mind sharing, or is anyone aware of any resource which might get me going in the right direction? Any clue, no matter how little is much appreciated.
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