Error 560 after deploying app to SAP Cloud Platform - Cloud Foundry

Hello all! I am facing an error I don't know how to fix and that error appears when I deploy my app to the SAP Cloud Platform - Cloud Foundry.  I'm just using a Blank SAP app with the GWSAMPLE_BASIC oData service.  If I run the app locally, it works perfectly, but if I deploy it to the cloud, when I run it I get an error message saying "An error has occurred while handling the request" and if I open the debugger I can see that an error 560 was raised when requesting from the url "". Could you please experts help me out?  Find below the images with the errors.  
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It might be because in your get List service for the OData your "USE Cloud Connector"  boolean is set to "true", change this to "false". This setting should only be set to "True" if SAP Cloud Connector is set up for your SAP backend.