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Hi, I put a file under resource folder and during start up i read the file and process some logic, I am thinking to have a way to update the file (REST), which i can rerun the same logic, my question is in the cluster (have not used yet, just thinking), is the resource foler shared by all instances? if not, is there a way (listerner) so that after this file is updated, all instances can be notified and rerun the logic.   Thanks Shannon
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Hi Shannon,

I think you are asking if you update your file without doing a deployment you would have to only upload it once and all environments share the same resource folder? The answer is no. If you want to update a file in the resource folder without doing a deployment, you would have to upload the new file to each environment.

I don't think there is a way to setup a listener but what you could do is expose the microflow that processes your logic with a rest service, and then you can just call the rest service once you update your file and it will rerun the logic.

Here is the documentation for publishing a rest service.


Hope this helps!