Push notification error on starting our app

Hi all, I keep getting an error with the push notification widget. I downloaded the newest version to my project and implemented all the steps. The push notifications work perfectly. Except everytime i log into the app i get a random error message which basically says nothing. I only get it on the phone and only get it with the push notifications snippet in my layout. I tried using the remote debugger to see whats going on but all it says is: mxui.js:1 TypeError: Cannot read property 'attributes' of null(…)error @ mxui.js:1 Nothing shows up in the modeler console log or the logfiles of the enviroment. I've tried everything, maybe somebody has a good idea where to look?
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Hi Hunter,

It seems that the latest version of the Push Notification Connector in the Mendix App Store is a bit outdated. I saw a review of somebody who said that there is a newer version on Github (https://github.com/mendix/MxPushNotifications). Have you tried that one? 

Otherwise file a request for an update, so the creator of the module can fix it. It could be the case that Apple/Android had a version update that touched their push notification handling which is causing an error in the Mendix Push Notification Connector.