How to embed (only) the login-page into the customer site using an Iframe, while executing the rest of the application in a normal browser/page.

We would like to show the login page in the customers website using an iframe.  Once the customer logs in, we want to pop out to a regular page, to avoid confusing the customer with mixing site and app buttons and navigation . Although the app functions properly in the I-frame, this is one of the items from the customer feedback. For security reasons we only allow the i-frame within the same domain. Any suggestions? Edit may 2nd:  Figured it out with the help of Pim's answer.  Below described what I would like to achieve. The is the (working) custom domain for the Mendix app.
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You can redirect after login to a page with the URLredirector widget and execute the app with target parent (window.parent.location.href = url


We modified the widget from the appstore with the option to execute a (deep)link in a parent page 🧐


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