Configuring SAML Module - Entity Descriptor remains empty

Hi to all of you! Currently I'm trying to configure the SAML Module for automatic login to my already deployed app. But as I really am not very experienced in that, of course, I am facing some problems that are difficult for me to solve. I hope you can help me! First, I've entered the link to my app as "Entity Id" in the tab of "SP configuration".  Otherwise, I left everything as it was (Encryption method SHA246 - RSA) and Encryption key length of 2048 bits. Concerning the IdP Configuration, I just wrote down the App name. Now comes the point I am struggling with: Which URL do I need to insert when it's asking for "Read IDP metadata from URL- yes or no?" For the moment, I chose "no" and uploaded a file that is located in my Mendix folder: "sp_metadata.xml".  The next problem is the "Preferred entity descriptor"-field. I am not able to choose something, it simply remains empty. I have the ModelReflector module installed and ticked and refreshed it in my app (in case my issue has to do something with it). I did everything according the documentation, so I am not sure at which point my approach differs from it. Do you have an idea what I am missing ?  Many thanks to you in advance! Laura
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Hello Laura,

The mistake I think you make is that you need a third party identity provider. They will give you their XML and you supply yours to them. It now seems you are reading your own XML and that will not work. The rest of the configuration is depended on which third party you are connecting with.

Hope this helps,