Deployment fails due to timeout error

Like deployment on any other Mendix environment we try to deploy our app through automation (Urbancode) and for this particular environment the deployment fails due to timeout error (Mendix javaw.exe is still running and holding resources). When we manually try to terminate this javaw.exe process it doesn't terminate. We try to bring up our app in Mendix console and we get below error message It appears that another server is currently running on port 8090. Kill the process "javaw.exe" or choose another port.    at Mendix.M2EE.RuntimeRunner.StartServer(Boolean strictValidate)    at Mendix.MendixService.Service.OnStart(String[] args)    To fix it we have to reboot the server. And the app deployment  after reboot is usually successful but we run into same issue after a couple of deployments. If anyone have ran into the same issue earlier, could you please let me know the reason why it happens and how can it be resolved. Deploying the same code base in other environments it works fine. 8090 is our admin port.   
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Have you tried configuring your server to run on a different port? There could be something running on your machine that's already using the 8090 port.

You can configure runtime and admin ports if you go to Project Settings -> Edit Default Configuration -> Server tab.