Upload package with the deployment API

The documentation of how to POST a deployment package seems to be incomplete https://docs.mendix.com/apidocs-mxsdk/apidocs/deploy-api\ I did manage to upload a package but the name is always default.mda so I am doing something wrong in the Request part. Anybody already created the POST request in Mx6.10? Or would this only work in Mx7 because of the better native POST options? Regards, Ronald [EDIT] I did see the curl example. But if I change the Request to a Custom request template I have trouble with the binary. How do I get the POST request to become multipart/form-data?      
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What request do you send? In the example request: curl -v -F "file=@/tmp/some.mda" -X POST -H "Mendix-Username: richard.ford51@example.com" -H "Mendix-ApiKey: 26587896-1cef-4483-accf-ad304e2673d6" "https://deploy.mendix.com/api/1/apps/calc/packages/upload" -F 'Name=some.mda' you see that the file name at the environment should some.mda and that you can alter that.