Adding users to a licensed cloud application

Hi everybody, I'm struggling with the assignment of named users to an application I deployed to an Acceptance environment, Despite the fact I can't see my application in the launchpad I don't see any option to add users to it (with a specific role) from the project page. I do have to say that I tested the AppCloudServices but can't really say that is working as expected (not even taking the AppCloud app into account which dates from 2015).  So: - How do I assign named users to my Acceptance deployed (production security mode) application into a specific role within the application? - How can I add the app to the launchpad without trying to implement the appCloudServices stuff? Hope you can help! Kind regards Laurens
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Hello Laurens, 

If you're using the administration module for your app you simply need to add a local user in there.

Hope this helps