What is production environment? How can I get it? How can I deploy my application to production?

Hi all, I have developed an app in my local system using mendix modeler. Now I want to use it externally. How can I use it? Also I want to know how to get production environment to deploy my app. Please let me know the process from scrach. So that I can deploy my app to production to use it externally.   Thanks.
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You can run it on the free node, i you want to publish it externaly. For more information, check the documentation or the academy courses. For licence node, I think you need to contact the mendix sales department.


It depends on where you want to run your app. Do you want to run it in the Mendix cloud? At the top of the modeler, you can change the button 'Run locally' to 'Run', and click that. That deploys the app to the Mendix cloud.