App has failed to set up

Hi everyone, i have encountered a problem with the App publishing. After doing the exact step of the Mendix  Learning path. I need to do the last step, publishing, but i always have this error, saying your app has failed to set up, with error code: FAILED_STAGING. I'm totally new to mendix, a little help out would be very thankful. BR Jiayi Hu  
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Mendix started off as a great possibility but after this provision failed error on the tutorial app, I am not too sure it is yet stable enough for market use.  I have reached out to support and was told to wait it out or talk to my network people.  I don’t see how my network has anything to do with modeling on the web.  Anyway, I cannot find any solutions to this issue that it seems many people are having.  If the training is flawed, maybe it should be rewritten.