Possible to debug App on Sap Cloud Foundry?

Hi everybody, Is it possible to debug a deployed application in the SAP Cloud Foundry environment? I'm experiencing problems with a microflow (which works as designed in the local host) but can't find the option to debug. I can find this option when an app is deployed on the Mendix cloud. I can't deploy my "sap" app to the mendix cloud because of the xsuua integration.   Hope you can help Kind regards Laurens
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As far as I could find in the documentation, this isn’t possible.

Although this blog suggest that its just a HTTP requesthandler they use.
“Once you enable the debugger with a chosen password, the Mendix Runtime registers a separate RequestHandler for the debugger: /debugger . Once started, your debugger serves at https://yourapp.mendixcloud.com/debugger/. Reusing existing HTTP infrastructure is very convenient for us and using the same url makes sense to the user.”

Thus when you can turn on that @SAP side and register a PW….

On the otherhand;

Is your issue related to the dataset? then you might go for one of these options

  1. Backup your SAP db and restore local + test local
  2. Go through your log if it results in an error
  3. Add logging to the related microflow to log what happens
    1. Id of retrieved object
    2. Size of involved list
    3. Values at start & end mf
    4. .... basically log what should be correct, log will tell you then if thats true. If not, you might find the answer


Good luck, R


Well, I solved the issue in the end. Thanks to the reply to my question and the service desk of Mendix. Removing the XSUUA check on the startup flow gave the possibility to deploy it on the mendix cloud. Debugging worked fine than (and I was able to solve my issue :-) ) 

Case closed. Thanks!