Which Ports should be Open to Run the App on my Smartphone

Hallo, I can't run my Application on my Iphone Locally. It means I run the App locally on my Computer in the Mendix Moduler and want to see the Result in the Mendix App. The smartphone is in the same Network. When I shut down my firewall on my computer, than it works fine. But I don't want to do this... Is there any Port or Ports which should be allowed ?   Regards, Aftab  
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to be clear: you have a mendix app running locally lets say at port 8080. Then if your PC where the mendix app is running and the mobile where you want to see the app too, should be on the same network. Get the IP of your PC using IPCONFIG on windows CMD. then run the url in phone like https;//<yourpcip>:8080/ This should be enough unless you meant something entirely different!