Cant deploy to cloud from modeler

Hi all, The deploy to cloud-button in my modeler is greyed out. Which seems odd, because it was not greyed out at first. Also, I am able to sync with web modeler and then from the web modeler, I can deploy to the cloud. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong he? Re-downloading the application from the team server also doesn't seem to do the trick. Kind regards, Steve
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Hi Steve, 

is it a sandbox/free app or do you have a mendix license with a cloud node? 

If it is a sandbox/free app, it probably has something to do with the current problems mendix has with the freetier (see: 

For licensed apps, the "run in the cloud"-button is deactivated and you will have to commit your settings to the teamserver and build a deployment package in the environment portal. 


Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Alexander Keßler