Force Logout in case of multiple concurrently running servers

Hi, I am trying to deploy two related, yet independent, mendix applications on the same machine. Whenever I perform any action on one application, the other one gets logged out. I have provided different Runtime and Admin Port in the app configurations. Moreover, I have tried setting up different demo users as well and using them to sign in to the app. But I am not able to solve this logoff problem. Please provide any work around or fix for the same. It would be a great help.   Thanks & Regards, Akash Pateria
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Might be a cookie related problem, where the both applications have the same session cookie on the same same 'domain' and therefore overriding each other sessions.
You can try and rename the session cookiename on one of the instances using custom settings. -> "com.mendix.core.SessionIdCookieName"