How to set proxy setting while calling REST API?

Hi, I am working on consuming rest api in mendix. I am stuck behind a firewall and thus unable to call a REST service directly. How to set the proxy. I found this documentation but not able to understand where to set these parameters http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort. I am using Mendix Desktop Modeler 7.2.0  
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Hi Swati,

Are you using the mendix cloud or locally?


Mendix cloud licensed

The the custom settings can be configured in the sprinter portal. If you go to Environmnets > click a containers details > runtime tab.



This can be configured in the Project module > settings > configurations > edit configuration > custom tab



When defining the custom setting the name will be  http.proxyHost or http.proxyPort and the value will be the value you want to set. 


Hope this helps!