Constant Change Log

Hi, We recently had a P1 incident due to a Constant that was changed at some point. Was pretty much the worst constant you could pick to change it to false, causing a lot of our application not to synchronize data properly  The confusing part is, we have absolutely no knowledge of changing this constant... We thought initially that maybe the local changes in the MDA to the constant may have overwritten those in the app (Even though it doesn’t do this by default it could’ve gone rogue) But that isn’t the case either. So it looks like something or someone changed one of our constants, and we don’t know who or what..   My question is…. Is there any type of Constant change log that is stored somewhere on Mendix Cloud v4? Or if there isn’t is there a way to find this out?   Any help would be appreciated!   Cheers!
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Hi Adrian,

There was an incident on 03 January.

In my best knowledge there is no logging for changing the constants in the cloud.