Constant value in production is not updating

For the application i am working on we are experiencing an issue with one constant value. This constant value is defaulting to value with which it was deployed for the first time. After several updates also this constant value is not reflecting the changed value at run time. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this issue?  
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Prakash, are you running the software in the Mendix cloud or are you using an on-prem deployment? If you are in the Mendix cloud, I recommend checking the environment tab to ensure you are updating the value for production and not for Test or a lower environment. That is a mistake we have made before. If you are indeed updating the correct environment, then it sounds like something support would need to take a look at. Those values should be updating when you set a new value.



Hello Prakash,

Have you restarted the environment after changing the constant? 

When you change the constant, the “New” value should update, and on re-deployment the “Current Value” should update to the new value


If you did only update your constant in the modeler, you only updated the default value of it. If it was already deployed before, you also need to change the value of the constant on the server. (In the cloud portal environment settings or in the yaml file of your on prem instance).


If you're not running in the mendix cloud, but for example on a linux machine, your yaml file is probably not valid.

If it's not valid, the application will always use the default values.