Docker sample application on Windows

Just tried to build the docker image as described here Linux: build works fine on Linux Windows: when I try the build on Windows I get the following error during “make build-image” Step 14/23 : RUN "/buildpack/compilation" /build /cache  &&     rm -fr /cache /tmp/javasdk /tmp/opt  ---> Running in 288b3bdf5874 : No such file or directory The command '/bin/sh -c "/buildpack/compilation" /build /cache  &&     rm -fr /cache /tmp/javasdk /tmp/opt' returned a non-zero code: 127 make: *** [Makefile:9: build-image] Error 127   Any ideas, did anyone do a successful build on Windows?  
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When building the docker image on windows you have to make sure that files within the “docker-mendix-buildpack\scripts” directory have the right end of line sequence: “CR” but not “CRLF”.