importing a HTML and JS project

Hello everyone,   I hope all is well. I just have a small question. I am creating a project from HTML and JS, I am hoping whether it’s possible to import some HTML pages in to mendix and create microflows and pages for it? Also is it possible to export my current Mendix project into an HTML project?  Thank you
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In short: no. At their heart, Mendix apps are web applications that use HTML and JS on the front end, and then a web server and database on the back-end.

There are ways to use custom HTML and custom JS in a Mendix app by using the HTMLSnippet widget in the app store or by creating custom widget, but probably not in the way you’re thinking.

The question about exporting a Mendix project to an HTML project doesn’t make much sense. because again at their heart, the Mendix app is already HTML and JS.

If you have a specific question about implementing or recreating certain functionality in Mendix, feel free to post another question.