Adding file to resource directory

Hello, I am trying to add a file to resource and access the same in java action using Core.getConfiguration().getResourcesPath(). I added the file in <App>/deployment/model/resources and everything works well. However when I commit the changes I expect the added file to be there in the deployement/model/resources directory and reflect the local copy when developer updates his copy from the Team Server. To mimic this deveoper scenario, i removed the added file from deployement/model/resources directory and updated my local copy from Teamserver however i dont see my file in the deployement/model/resources directory. Am I missing any step? Note: When i add the file in <App>/resources directory, I see the changes when i update my copy from Teamcenter. However i do not know how do i access <App>/resources directory from within Java Action. Is there way to access this location similar to Core.getConfiguration().getResourcesPath()?
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Put them in your resource folder. (App/resources). When building your project this folder is compiled in deployment/model/resources.


Hope this helps.


The correct place to add your file is <App>/resources . The contents from this folder is copied to <App>/deployment/model/resources when the project is build/deployed from the modeler.

The reason you do not see your file anymore is because the contents of  <App>/deployment/ is

   a) not commited to the team server, and is

   b) overwritten when you build your project from the modeler.