Mendix with Gitlab - How to check diffs in Mendix Project ?

I want to use Gitlab as my repository manager for my Mendix project over default Mendix team server. Reason is I will be able to build docker images and run those on AWS. Has anyone did the same ? How code reviewer will be able to see diffs on Gitlab ? Currently I am not able to see any because my changes are in .mpr file. Any other alternative to achieve the successful deployment on AWS using/without using docker ?
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HI rushikesh,

Take a look here:  and related articles.

Its not required to have a GIT repository to make this happen.

Another note: The diffing in Mendix is currently done in the modeler, per document text based and not visual. Which will be improved in the near future. Building your own diffing based on GIT would be a waist of time ;-)