Synchronizing with web modeler

Hi Mendix Developers ,    I am Unable to synchronize with web modeler  from my desktop modeler which is of version 7.23.4 . Actually I am unable to see the option ion the project->More Versioning ->Synchronize with web modeler .Is it removed in this version or the option is kept some where else ?  Can some one help me out ?  
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See the release notes for version 7.23.3

We added collaborative development process – a new way of sharing model changes. It allows team members to work together in the Desktop Modeler and the Web Modeler without using Sync with Web Modeler. When the Desktop Modeler user presses Update or Commit, the Web Modeler changes are committed and merged automatically. For more information on the new process, see Collaborative Development. For more information on how to enable this process, see Migration From the Sync Process to Collaborative Development.