CI/CD in mendix - With help of Team and Build API

Hi Everyone, I am trying to do CI/CD in mendix with help of Team and Build API. When I am accessing the Team API , I am getting the authentication Error only. Can someone provide any input If i have missed anything. For Mendix API-Key, I have generate through API key. Below is Step. Request :  GET /api/1/apps/priAbc/packages/ HTTP/1.1 Host: Content-Type: application/json Mendix-Username: Mendix-ApiKey: 4ef4bf8c-d016-481a3-a791-12aw13d0b Cache-Control: no-cache Postman-Token: 3e7dabd0-dad7-50d5-acc3-a837c3d8f13a   Response  { "errorMessage": "UNAUTHORIZED: GET 1/apps/priAbc/packages/ Unauthorized. Please provide valid credentials or set up a Mendix user session", "errorCode": "UNAUTHORIZED" }  
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Hi Ravi,

  The Keys you need to use for the Team API are not the API keys tied to the project, but rather the API key that can execute on behalf of your user account. To generate these API keys, go to your Developer Profile (found by clicking your picture in the upper right when on and logged in), click on the Cog as shown below


Once you have done that, click API Keys to generate a new key you can use to hit the Mendix team API with. 




Hi Rod Band, Just another question related to CI/CD process. Now I am able to access all API Related with Team, Build and Deploy.

I have created the Package of my Application using the Start building deployment package API. Now the question is since my Env is on-premise, how can I download the package and carry on deployment step.

I have used Download package Build API but not getting idea where it is downloading. Is it on Cloud ??

 Could you please help if you have any idea.


Thanks in advance