The Free App User Limit? Has it been increased from 10 users to unlimited?

I was a heavy Mendix developer some time ago. But later I went to do some other business and kept myself out of developing. But now I am back to business. And I have seen some major changes in Mendix. When I was using Mendix, the free app plan had only 10 internal Users and 100Mb of space. But now I see on the Mendix Website that the free plan has UNLIMITED Users and 500Mb of space!.. Is this correct? Does any one know about this? Please let me know as I was not aware of these changes. Regards
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It's correct. This has been announced recently on Mendix World 2019 about 6 weeks ago. :)

Mendix has reworked their plans and marketing a bit.


You can see all pricing including the specifics for the Free Edition at this page