Windows server Memory allocation and max heap setting

Hi there. We are running an onsite mendix solution. Our windows 2016 has 16gig memory and we have set in the mendix console our Maximum Java heap size to 10 240MB. I would like to hear from you what you have found is good server memory allocation and max setting that works for you. Our system is heavily used with about 100 + users at a time with multiple web service calls out per second.
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Hello Frankie,

I think this all depends on usage. I would performance test the app for realistic usage and monitor how your environment is doing and how much of your resources it’s using.

I’ve been cloud servers varying from 0.5 GB to 4 GB Java heap and honestly I’ve not had any problems with any upwards of 2GB.

FYI: I think you wrote KB instead of MB in your question

Hope this helps