Publishing first App

Could someone advise please. I have built an APK using Mendix for the first time using the desktop modeler. I then commit to the cloud and build the APK using the web modeler. all works fine and I load it onto my test device, again this works. I then add a new splash screen page to my project using desktop modeler, change the navigation profiles and commit to cloud. I publish this update using web modeler. I can view the App on web modeler using the publish button and all works as expected with new screen displayed. However, the update does not push through to my test device as I would have expected. Publishing a new page surely doesn’t require a rebuild of the APK? Have I missed something? Thanks
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Hi Gareth, you only need to create a new build or apk when you add or remove native features i.e. calendar, camera or push notifications. The mobile app shows pages and screens from your app that is deployed in the Mendix cloud. From your question I cannot determine if you have deployed your app in the cloud, see