Deploying to Google Play Store

Today I have got my first Mendix licensed node having previously used a free node. I’m struggling to understand the workflow to produce a test APKto deploy to my test device. With the free App I simply selected the ‘Publish for Mobile App Stores’ to create the APK What I have done so far is Develop in Modeler 7.23.6 and run locally commit changes to the main branch go to web modeler and Create Package from Team Server and deployed it I then Transport to the Acceptance environment. I then Transported to the Production Environment When I try to start the application I get the error ‘Application did not become available after start, check log’   My Questions are …  What does Transport do? Why will the application not start? What is the correct workflow to produce a test APK file to load onto my test device? I would appreciate any advice please.  
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In a licensed node you have and acceptance and a production environment. The accp environment is there so that you can test all your changes to see if everything is ok. Most of the time an external client also needs to approve this version. After all test is done you can then move that version to production. Always create a backup first before doing the transport because you never know what might go wrong (like unable to start for instance allthough I have never experienced that myself).If an environment does not start check the logs of that environment. It will give you a clue on the reason.

And you do not need the web modeler for the creation of packages. All can be done from Studio Pro.

Check this learning path for more details:

And for the puplishing part check these docs: