Deployment in free-tier not working?

HI all. Since about 3 weeks the deployment for our free-tier to the MENDIX-cloud stopped working – both for Studio Pro (Modeler) and for Studio (web). Anything that anyone exeprienced as well? Mendix, could you look into?   PS: I’m using Studio 7.23.7 but as written, it works neither for pure web-edited apps.
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To determine if its something in your model causing the issue, you can try the following:

  • Export a project package from the File Menu in Studio Pro
  • close your project
  • Still in Studio Pro, import the project package you just created into a new project (Import Project Package in Studio Pro)
  • Try to deploy to the cloud

If the new project successfully deploys, the problem is in the sandbox node of the original project.  You can file a support ticket with Mendix to resolve that.

If the new project does not successfully deploy, there is likely something in your model causing the issue.  You can look at the build log on your original cloud node to see if there are any obvious issues reported there.  You may find that a widget or module you added around the time that it stopped working is causing issues.

Hope that helps,