Mindsphere starter app credentials issue

Hi,  I am developing my first Mindsphere mendix app. Ihaved pushed it to Mindsphere using CF, When i run app locally i have to provide Cocpit app name , version, host tenant name, user tenant name client id and secret.  But when i submit it i got error:    “Unable to fetch Application Credentials. Response Code: 401.  ErrorType: com.mendix.modules.microflowengine.MicroflowException Message: 401: at MindSphereSingleSignOn.ACT_ApplicationCredentials (CallRest : 'Call REST (POST)') Advanced stacktrace:” I have given roles and premissions in Mindsphere for my app, i have checked and double checkt app credentials.  Have  somebody any idea why i am getting this error?  Best regards    Agnese    
2 answers

Response code 401 = Unauthorized.

I get this when the clientID, clientSecret, hosttenant, usertenat, cockpit app name or version is wrong.

Please check aging:

Cockpit app name = Name of the app as you registered it in the Developer Cockpit
app version = Version you specified in Developer Cockpit
HostTenant = Name of your Developer Tenant
UserTenant = Name of your Developer Tenant

ClientID, ClientSecret: You can revoke the granted access in Developer Cockpit and grant new ClientID, ClientSecret. Just to make sure
that there was no copy paste error. 


hi! I also stucked in these error but i do not able to get the app locally. I have entered and checked the credentials it is all same