Package Download Forbidden

Thanks for the help yesterday on accessing the APIs so that I can do some CI/CD.   Today I am trying to download a new package that I have created using the APIs. I used a Post and created the package and took the generated PackageId and used it to Retrieve the package until it succeeded.  Which gave me this result:   { "Status": "Succeeded", "CreationDate": 1567713908157, "ExpiryDate": null, "Description": "A Signature Manual Build.", "Version": "", "Size": 53430893, "PackageId": "6f******-****-****-****-**********99", "MendixVersion": "", "Creator": "Keith Nicholson", "Name": "Main line-" } So my next step was to do the download:******-****-****-****-**********99/download However I get a 403 Forbidden error,  I’m using the same Mendix Username and ApiKey as the other call and I removed the Content-Type to keep it from forcing json. Perhaps this will help as well.  I am not using the Mendix Cloud as my environment.   Currently I am using the SAP Cloud Platform.  So when I go to my Apps Deploy/Environments setting, of course I do not see my new package.  Perhaps by unlinking the Mendix Cloud, I do not have permissions to the packages?  Even when I run the above request stopping after “…./packages/”, I get the 403 error. So two questions: How do I get the downloads? Even If I do get them, is the build the same between environments or do they differ?   If the answer to the last question is “yes, they differ”,  should I be trying SAP APIs instead to do a build?  I’m sure I’ll have to do that for deployment anyway. I look forward to your assistance. Peace, Keith Nicholson
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File a support ticket. It might be that they did not think of this scenario.