Mendix 8 Native Builder error [fixed]

Hello! I’m running into an error while using the Native Builder. The build succeeds, the Github token is valid, I connected my Github account via “6 Completing Your Initial Run“ for both Android and iOS, but I’m still getting an error: “[github] Unable to create new repository from template repository” I thought perhaps my repository was out of sync with the latest native template, but I checked and it seems to be up to date. If worst comes to worst, I can just try the “delete everything and start from the beginning” route, but I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas for me before I took that option. Thank you!   Update: I got it to work! my --app-name had spaces in it, and that seemed to make it unhappy. Everything succeeded once I removed the spaces.
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I am also getting same problem, seems to be problem with naming conventions in the project directory main file or with the native template used by native builder. Check with the native-builder latest version.