Mendix apps empty in Mindsphere

Hi,  Have developed Mendix apps, deployes to Mindsphere. Assigned roles and created scopes, all is done as it is done as its stands in the documentation.  Even pump example is emty in mindsphere. Does somebody has the same issue? Or knows why the issue accures and how to fix it?   Br, Agnese   
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Please check our Content Security Policies you provide in Developer Cockpit. See also:

Number 14.) Set the Configurations > content-security-policy Value


Not seeing updates or changes that you make to Mendix applications in Mindsphere can also be connected to creating the deployment package.

When creating the deployment package Mendix will create it from the current version on the TeamServer. Meaning that if you create the deployment package before commiting your local changes to the Teamserver your changes will not be included.