UUID is empty for file document object

Hello I have an entity  generalised with System.FileDocument.  I have designed a custom java action in my project, that will read the file from a folder(file is manually put in the folder) and using ‘file Document viewer’ widget, display it on mendix screen. This is working fine in my local. But, when I deployed the code to on premise server,  ‘file Document viewer’ widget has blank screen popping up with no contents. I found that this is because, ‘has contents = false’, ‘size=-1’ The difference that I observed between local and server after putting debugger is, _UUID_ = empty while tracing in server _UUID_ = some value while tracing in my local. I believe that because _UUID_ is coming as empty on the server, mendix is not able to read the file contents and ‘has contents’ is becoming false resulting in blank pop up opening.  Also, when I inspect element,  in my local it is ,  src=http://localhost:8082/widgets/FileDocumentViewer/lib/pdfjs/web/viewer.html?file=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A8082%2Ffile%3Fguid%3D8444249301330181%26changedDate%3D1568882538483%26target%3Dwindow%26csrfToken%3D4e978623-3a25-475e-8727-b38cc7422c84 While on server it is, src="http://serverIP/widgets/FileDocumentViewer/widget/ui/blank.html?637043629992185480" Can someone please suggest me, how/where _UUID_ field can be located or am I doing wrong somewhere? My ultimate goal is to show the file on the screen as pop-up. Many Thanks in advance      
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My assumption this is an on premis installation? Did you take into account the path where you store the documents? To my recollection It can only retrieve files from the temp dir in your Mendix installation.