Maintenance page

We want to create a maintenance page to be turning on and off by the admin. When we release we want to turn it on to do our migrations. Our users log in with SSO and when we stop and start the application users can go back to what they were up to. So I created a page that is showed from the homepage, but if they were on another page, they just can go back and use the application. Is there a more generic way to show the maintenance page, so that users can't do anything while migrating? Or should I check on every page (extra retrieve and check that is not necessary most of the time). How do you do it?   Thanks in advance!
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Hi Lisa, 

Take Stephan’s solution but include this check into your layout, it'll be triggered on every page. Back button then will also take you to maintenance page


Use the After Startup Microflow to enable Maintenance mode.. check each homepage so it uses a microflow with the first action is check for maintenance, if no maintenance continue to normal page.