Changing Application root URL does not change the user access URL

I need to change the Application root URL in order to be compliant with our environment. When I change it in the Project Settings-->Configurations-->Server-Application root URL, it changes how the app is launched from the “View” action to the new URL, but the app is still only accessible from the old url. I am trying to change it from http://localhost:8081/  to http://localhost:8081/mendix/.   I did see a forum post that says this is to set webservices endpoint, but if that is true, why does studio pro try to launch to the new approot url?  
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The appRootUrl setting does not actually effect how/where the runtime actually is accessed. The setting exists to tell a Mendix app where it should expect inbound traffic to come from. This influences the “view” button Studio Pro as well as the ability for the Mendix runtime to build a URL to itself. The runtime needs to know its own URL in order to:

  • create URLs used in web/rest service documentation
  • create callbacks in the SAML module
  • get the app’s URL in a microflow, like the GetApplicationURL java action in the CommunityCommons module


In order to actually make your app accessible at a particular URL, you usually would use a web server. The web server often serves up static content itself, forwards all dynamic data requests to the Mendix runtime, and (optionally) adds SSL/TLS. On Windows that means configuring IIS, and on Linux typically you’d use nginx. With either, you’re creating a reverse proxy from a URL accessible outside the server to the jetty-based Mendix runtime server running (usually) at localhost:8080. In your case it looks like it’s running on 8081. 

Setting up the web server for Windows is discussed here, and for Linux here.