How do you ensure good quality of development in your organisation? Do you check mandatory elements, naming convention?

A quite challenge seems to be to set and enforce certain quality of development of applications. There are various teams, and external developers. Evrerbody does the work a bit differently. Even if there are some tempates, and instructions, there is not a simple way to verify that the naming convention was follwoed or that some mandatory elements are really covered. (yes on the frontend thats possible but in the backend on the microflow  level its not so easy) We can do that manually but thats is very time consuming. I understand that there is this AQM module. Are there also some other options? WHat would you recomend? 
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I believe that quality in your application is a result of many factors.

Just a quick brainstorm:

  • does the team really understand the needs of the client or does the team just try to execute whatever is written down in a story?
  • are the developers able to see the consequences of their modeling decisions? Can they properly design a domain model?
  • do you develop with business value in mind, do not overcomplicate things
  • Does the team execute peer reviews?
  • Do you do retrospectives and really apply the lessons learned?
  • Do you take the time to really do your work properly, not overhaste things
  • Is the team stable during a longer period of time? Otherwise it will be hard to apply lessons learned and really grow.
  • etc


Code conventions help, you can use them in peer reviews. AQM is also a possible tool, but i believe that common sense and a common understanding are always more important than metrics and written conventions.

In my opinion every team needs at least one good senior team member to guide the effort and to make sure not get lost in details and to avoid common mistakes.

Just a few thoughts on this, i hope this helps,


You are right this is much broader topic than just the “low-coding”  standards or review ex-post...