Making configurations file as part of Source code

Hello I have a configuration file (.csv) . I want to make it a part of source code in mendix. I already have the entity in my domain model.  What I am supposed to achieve: I have to compare the records in the .csv file with my DB (entity). If i find any new field or record, I have to commit it to my DB else do nothing. What I am planning to do: I will place .csv file in project/resources folder, and use ASU (After satrtup)MF and use some custom java to read the file contents and compare with my DB and I will return the list of records that are new in the csv file and not there in my DB and I will commit this list to my DB. Apart from this way, is there any other way in which I can simply achieve my requirement? May be using GetFileContentsFromResource java action from community commons for reading from resource folder? Any suggestions are appreciated. Note: I don’t want to use excel importer/csv importer Thanks in advance!
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I do something similar to load various default settings if none are already in place.

I also use various After Starttup microflows to achieve this. I use the GetFileContentsFromResource to do this as well. However, I do use the CSV module as it’s quick and easy to implement. Any reason you don’t want to use that?