Mendix Cloud - Containers and Encryption

Hi All, just wondering your thoughts/best practice on containers and encryption. We are developing what is quite a simple app, this will have both Web and Native Mobile interfaces. The app will NOT store particularly sensitive information (credit card details etc.) but will store user information for login purposes and premium subscriber content. We are using Mendix Cloud so need to purchase additional containers for this deployment. Would you advise the use of containers which provide Encryption at rest (Meso and up) but cost considerably more or would you use the cheaper Strato containers (no encryption at rest) which cost far less?  Maybe in combination with the App Store Encryption module? Meso containers offer more resource (CPU, Storage etc.) than we require so thats not a consideration. All advice and thoughts gratefully received! Thanks!
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As you don’t need the additional resources offered by the larger containers I would opt for the encryption module and make sure that the sensitive data is protected in that way.

Keep in mind that doing this will also come at a cost, namely the implementation of the encryption and decryption and possibly additional needed resources.