Permission Denied: Dear user you are not authorized to access this application. Please contact a tennant admin who can give you access.

Hello I’m an intern at Siemens and would like to deploy my Mendix app to the cloud.  So far, I’ve managed to deploy my app to a free-cloud node, unfortunately, whenever a user visits the URL, the homepage doesn’t show and instead my app is redirected to:  /error_page/403.html I tried to fix this by changing the project security, specifically I changed the project security setting: “check security” from “yes” to “no”. This should work? No errors are present in the console or when I click the run cloud button. For development purposes I don’t want any special security permissions in my app. Anyone who visits the URL should just have access to use the app.  For all you Mendix experts out there, please help!
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If any user should be allowed access you probably want to enable anonymous access.

Then there still need to be permissions in place for the anonymous users as they use a User role in the app to define the access to the application data, pages and functions.

For more information on anonymous access please read: