Solving JAR Files Merge Issues

Whilst merging one branch into another we got the following errors, but the merge was still successful. The errors are related to the JAR files in the userlib folder, but the mentioned files weren’t in both of the userlib folders. Are these JAR files that Mendix automatically tries to add on merge, or does anyone have an idea as to why these errors occur?   Successfully merged revisions X and Y of branch ‘a’ to ‘C:\Users\user\Documents\Mendix\project-name’ The project contains conflicts. Please see the Changes for more information. The following files are conflicted: C:\Users\user\Documents\Mendix\project-name\userlib\poi-4.0.0.jar C:\Users\user\Documents\Mendix\project-name\userlib\poi-4.0.0.jar.ExcelImporter.RequiredLib C:\Users\user\Documents\Mendix\project-name\userlib\poi-ooxml-4.0.0.jar C:\Users\user\Documents\Mendix\project-name\userlib\poi-ooxml-4.0.0.jar.ExcelImporter.RequiredLib C:\Users\user\Documents\Mendix\project-name\userlib\poi-ooxml-schemas-4.0.0.jar C:\Users\user\Documents\Mendix\project-name\userlib\poi-ooxml-schemas-4.0.0.jar.ExcelImporter.RequiredLib C:\Users\user\Documents\Mendix\project-name\userlib\xmlbeans-3.0.1.jar C:\Users\user\Documents\Mendix\project-name\userlib\pxmlbeans-3.0.1.jar.ExcelImporter.RequiredLib I can confirm that there are older versions of these JAR files in the userlib folder, however if these are updated the application does not work with the updated JAR files.
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These files are not added by Mendix per default. They are all from the excel importer module. Did you maybe updated the module in both branches?